Hometown Find: Stokely’s Barbecue

Hometown Find: Stokely’s Barbecue

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I had a hankering this weekend for some good, old fashioned southern food…which means I broke out the iPhone and googled barbecue in Burlington, NC!

By now, I’ve learned to trust my gut with these things – Burlington is filled with good food, so if Facebook and Google say it’s good, then trust them!

And boy, were the crowds right!

First, when you walk in to their new location, your nose is enthralled with tantalizing smells. Then, while you’re finding your way to your table, your eyes grow wide with food envy! After all of that, you get to see the menu and wait for the amazing meal that will be yours to come!

It’s just minutes from our apartments here in Burlington – their new location is on Huffman Mill Road, which is super easy to navigate!

Whether wings, seafood, ribs, or barbecue, you are in the right place!

Not pictured? My pecan pie. I ate it too quickly to think about taking a picture!

Visit Stokely’s BBQ here on Facebook!