Finding The Right Pet For Your Apartment Living

Finding The Right Pet For Your Apartment Living

When thinking about getting a companion for your apartment, make sure you consider all the factors, especially when thinking about purchasing a dog. Such factors include your lifestyle, your finances and your environment.

You need to consider your daily schedule before you bring a dog into your home. If you are a very active person and are rarely home, it may not be fair to the dog. If you have several kids be sure and take into account the additional demands a dog brings. Once you’ve thought about your lifestyle, you can then think of what type of breed would work best (should you still choose to get a dog). Know the potential problems of getting a dog and the specific breed that may work best, before bringing one home. This will eliminate the possibility of it not working out and having to find a new home for your pet.

Having a dog is a financial commitment. Similar to having a child, a dog has financial needs that rely solely on you!! They have to go to the vet for shots when they are sick, be fed when they are hungry, and be bathed when they are dirty. On top of the necessary items, there are additional expenses such as daycare (if you chose), toys, training, and the cost of your time. So be sure that you are financially able to care for the dog before you bring him/her home. That too will eliminate the possibility of it not working out and having to get rid of it later.

And of course, you need to consider your environment. Make sure you live in a pet-friendly apartment community and check if there are any restrictions with animal breeds and sizes. You don’t want to get a medium size dog if your apartment community only allows dogs below a certain weight! On top of the rules inside the apartment community, make sure that the environment you live in has places for you to take your dog. Research if there are any dog parks near by or certain routes best for taking your dog for walks.

As a dog owner, a two year old Chihuahua named Bailey, I know the demands on my time and finances he makes, but I also know the true joy I experience by having my little guy. So be certain that you have thought about the factors involved of having a dog, or any animal, before bringing your pet to your apartment!


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